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Hastings Deering

Identifying emerging talent and building the next generation of leaders


About Hastings Deering

Hastings Deering manages equipment supply and aftermarket support for a range of industries including mining, construction, power systems, government and marine. The organisation has over 3,000 employees across Queensland, Northern Territory, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and New Caledonia.


The Challenge

At the time of seeking a leadership development program, Hastings Deering already recognised the importance of investing in the career progression of their middle managers. But they were looking for something more practical, with real-world business applications.

“A big part of my role is to lead and build the next generation of leaders coming through and arm them with the needed skills,” said Shane Lennon, Executive Manager Strategy & Projects.


The Solution

By enrolling leaders in the Chief Maker MiniMBA, Hastings Deering wanted to arm their middle managers with the right tools and skillset to become strategic leaders. The program has provided these leaders with the tools, frameworks and skills to act with confidence and to start empowering their team below them.

Each week over the 12 week program, leaders learnt a new skill or framework, which they could then apply to their workplace, and return the following week to review, seek feedback and build on their learning with the next module.


Outcomes and Results

“One of the things that I found really good about how it was structured was the cadence of it. It was weekly over 12 weeks for an hour each week. And what that allowed you to do was have enough content for it to be meaningful and not overwhelming at the same time. You could go away and implement certain things, test and learn, and come back really quickly.” said Ashley Beecham, Manager of Digital & Data Insights.

“For me, what sets the program apart, is the fact that it does take a genuine business lens. You are looking at all components of what a leadership role entails, whether it’s leading people, setting strategy, managing operations” said Shane.


Hastings Deering has worked with Chief Maker for many years through 1:1 Executive Coaching, online courses and the Chief Maker MiniMBA. Enrol your team and arm the next generation of leaders in your business with the skills to succeed.

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