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In this episode we will be talking about another pattern that has emerged through many of the CEOs on the show and that is “Taking the Path Less Travelled”.

  • Have you ever found yourself boxed into a role or industry?
  • Ever felt stuck in your growth or feel like your network and knowledge set is limited to your profession and industry?
  • Ever had the nagging gut feeling that you need to do something drastic to change things up but you find any number of reasons why you shouldn’t?
  • Feel like the dream of rising to the top of just having a more meaningful career is slipping away?

One pattern that has come up time and again is one where highly successful Chiefs have come to a sort of dead end in their career. They read the signs and took a vastly different track to their peers.


It can mean shifting industries, roles, organisations or something that expands your horizons.

The key here is to aim to build wide ranging experience and knowledge that you can use to become better, smarter and more connected.

Normally these kinds of shifts only happen a few times in your life. Make no mistake though, they are life and career defining and therefore should not be taken lightly.

This is making a move that is often against most other people’s advice but you know in your heart, in your gut, that it is the right move.


There are a number of situations when taking the path less travelled could be a good move:

  1. You’re stuck or boxed in your career progression
    • Internally your real chances of going forward are low and getting lower as more competition rises up
  2. You’ve stopped learning and growing
    • You feel like you’ve now gone down one path of professional skill almost as far as it can go. Going further won’t add to your wisdom or experience significantly. The well so to speak is drying up and you need to fresh taste of new water to expand your mind
  3. Industry is taking a seismic shift in direction and you want to get on the front foot
  4. The profession or industry your in is wrong for you
  5. The business you’re in is wrong for you
  6. An rare and golden opportunity arises that must be taken
  7. You’ve lost the energy and spark that makes work fun and is critical to leading big transformations


  • Firstly, chiefs are looking for someone that is willing to do something different, take a calculated risk to get ahead. Someone that is bold and has tried something.
  • Expansion of your knowledge set, growth and wisdom
  • Momentum in your career again
  • New networks
  • New opportunities
  • Fun and renewed energy for life


For all those that have taken the path less travelled successfully there are a many who took it and didn't get the right outcomes. They jumped too fast without being considered or didn’t listen to their intuition.

  1. Assess the root cause of the current situation
  2. Review your life and career vision / plans
  3. Listen to your gut, what is it trying to tell you?
  4. Talk to a trusted friend who brings out the best in you
  5. Assess the risk to increase the upside and decrease the downside
  6. Stay focused and go with 100% commitment