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Take 3 deep breaths before you listen to this episode.

Centre the soul. The ‘busy-ness' syndrome is in plague proportions and is driving so many managers towards burn-out, low quality work, strained relationships and disconnecting from their purpose and meaning. :confounded:

Recovery is our great weapon in bringing our true spirit and greatest performances to the table. Without effective recovery we can not perform at our best and we look like we need development rather than a promotion. 

In this episode I cover the importance of recovery and a range of ‘active recovery' techniques like power-naps, breathing, getting in-flow and heading to the gym. We also explore some of the pitfalls of ‘passive recovery' like sleep, weekends and holidays.

Ultimately recovery is a vital step in the rhythm of high performance. Without it, you cannot perform at your best or conduct highly effective reviews. Recovery's main goal is to help you perform at your absolute peak.

Stay epic,
Greg Layton