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In this episode we meet a true global Chief & Guru, Alex Mandossian.

Alex is considered one of the top 10 freelance direct marketers in the world today. Over the last two decades, he has helped his clients generate over $203 million in sales from TV spots, infomercials, direct mail and web marketing.

Here is what Mark Victor Hansen, public speaker and best-selling author of Chicken Soup For The Soul and One Minute Millionaire series, has to say about Alex: “The first time I watched and heard Alex Mandossian give a marketing presentation, my pen ran out of ink because I took so many notes! Alex’s greatest gift is the way he uses the power of stories to make his marketing strategies stick in your mind.”

He has coached George Foreman, Larry King, Russell Brunson, Jay Abraham, Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Brendon Buchard, Alexandria Brown, Barbara DeAngelis to name a few.

He is the also the subject of many books on marketing and selling, the author of Alexisms, host of the iTunes top podcast All Selling Aside and just an all round good bloke.

You’ve heard of BC (before Christ) like the times of Moses well Alex is proudly BG…before google!


  • Can you outline what you see are the keys to ethical influence?
  • What is the most common mistake leaders make in influence?
  • One of the key messages you make is that using the power of story is the most powerful way to build trust and influence. Why is it that you think story is so powerful?
  • How do you think people that want to stay in the corporate world can have a more meaningful and impactful career?


  1. Stories are the most powerful form of ethical influence as the sew the seeds of your messages
  2. If you push people will run
  3. People need to get over their fear of selling. It is a natural and totally ok thing to sell to people if you have a good product and are well intended
  4. Be careful of your fear of Tall Poppy


Stay epic