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G’day Chiefs,

It's a significant milestone to make it to 200 episodes. Right at the beginning, one of my podcasting mentors said to me not to bother unless I was going to give it 5 years. And here we are 4 years later. So today is a tribute to the CEOs and gurus we have had on the show, and a tribute to each of you who have followed and engaged with the podcast. It has been a journey and it just shows the power of a cause. Without you, we might have given up a long time ago.

So here are some lessons I have learnt from producing 200 episodes of The Inner Chief podcast over the last 4 years.

1. There is no such thing as an overnight success

We have had some immense headwinds and moments of wanting to throw in the towel. We've had 3 kids and gone through COVID lockdowns in Melbourne. We've had guests who promised the world about sharing their episode and then we've not heard back from them. We've had campaigns fail miserably. My voice even gave me issues. In short, we've had a lot of setbacks, but through it all, we've just kept going. And we got to number 1 in iTunes for Careers in Australia, right next to Gary Vaynerchuck and Tim Ferriss. And out of some of the episodes, the Council of Chiefs was born, which is a monthly group of 20 executives who meet and share ideas and challenges.

2. You learn the most when you climb without ropes

Go all in and put your arse on the line. You have to lift your game so find a way to put yourself out there. I'm working with a number of clients now to define their Unique Value Propositions and by knowing this, they can shine and really push themselves into new opportunities. It's at the edge of your ability when you grow and learn the most. And support others having a go – send them a message, write them an email and add as much value as you can to other people's lives.

3. It's not what you do, but how you do it

I've met about 100 Chiefs and 50 Gurus through this podcast and there are some key characteristics that set them apart from others. But the most important is that they make a decision each day to turn up. These high performers aren't always naturally motivated, but they recognise that they are dealers in hope for a number of people around them.

4. Get really good at one thing

Nearly all the leaders I've met have really nailed something and are top of the class at one thing. Whether it's a qualification, or a skill like sales or financial analysis, or being great operators and knowing how to get results, they become known and have a track record in one thing. So what can you be better at, even if it's just an extra 10% better compared to your peers? You would attract more opportunities and smash imposter syndrome through improved confidence and self-esteem.

5. Spend as much time with the highest calibre of people

I've spent hundreds of hours in the company of high performers in the creation of this podcast. While I have done some work with them, it is a very different feeling when you're in the company of just one other person and they are telling you stories about themselves, often not about business or work. You have to spend time in their presence as not all things can be learnt via audio. Find a way, through Masterminds or buying the VIP ticket to a conference. As Joe Polish says, “If you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room.”

So my final message of wisdom and hope is to be bold, take a risk, just take an action to change the pattern of your life. Cast your mind forward. If you kept doing what you're currently doing, where will you be 5 or 10 years from now? Do something about it if you want better for yourself. One of our guests, Adam Carroll, said the number one mistake people make is waiting for someone to see their greatness. So, Chief, get out of your own way, have a crack, ask for help and get yourself out there.
Thank you again from all of us at The Chief Maker. Here's to another 200 episodes!

Stay epic,