executive retreats

Team alignment is critical for delivering transformational change. Tightening the bonds, developing a shared language, establishing common goals and encouraging cross-functional collaboration creates unity in an Executive Team to deliver results.

why run an executive retreat?

A Chief Maker executive retreat follows three integrated stages – understand and analyse the environment, unite and align the team, and execute the plan. Every program is fully customised depending on where the business sits within the Chief Maker framework, “Fix – Reset – Grow – Change the Game”.

Key takeaways include complete team clarity and commitment to a shared vision, establishment of an operating rhythm to drive the plan forward, development of a team playbook to guide decision making in challenging times, increased accountability and a deeper trust built on giving and receiving feedback in a constructive way.

Greg Layton is an experienced facilitator in developing high performance teams. He will draw out the best in each team member, challenge where appropriate and let conversations flow to raise the bar of your people and the business.

unite your executive team

Align the group with a crystal clear vision, strategy and set of goals that has them laser-focused on commercial outcomes.

prioritise your people

Ensure the right people are in the right roles, supported by the right tools to execute the plan and measure success.

create the right culture

Establish an electric team spirit that keeps your Executive Team, managers and frontline workers all engaged and united.


executive retreats

  • 1 or 2 day programs
  • Venue suggestions available upon request
  • Preparation interviews with all attendees
  • Customised agenda and collateral
  • Benchmarking with High Performance Diagnostics
  • Post-retreat review & recommendations

Greg’s great strengths are his ability to draw out the essence of the key messages, to put together a winning agenda and to engage the crowd. For anyone in the room, Greg brings a number of ‘a-ha’ moments – I get it! This is a formula that works for the company, the team and the individual.

Kevin Young, Sydney Water

From the get go, Greg actively engaged with all stakeholders to ensure crystal clear purpose and critical success factors were known and understood. At all times, Greg skillfully balanced being responsive to his customer, with constructively challenging, if he believed there might be a better way.

Angela Tsoukatos, Sydney Water

Greg had all our staff’s attention from beginning to end with some amazing insights and lateral thinking that we hadn't even considered. The results have been almost instantaneous within weeks of our course.

Peter Duffy, Bravehearts

As a team we were able to create a clear vision, instil a sense of passion, start to develop plans to achieve the vision and finally establish a routine to monitor and assess our progress.

Graham Crew, Golden Star Resources

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