Use the 5 Step GREAT Method to develop a career plan, define your strategy, become respected, attract new opportunities and make career-defining moves with confidence.

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We’ve all found ourselves lost along the career journey at some point. Stalling is normal. But waiting for someone else to fix the problem is not the solution.

In this self-paced online course, you will learn to take control of your career with a career plan that harnesses the secret strategies used by top CEOs to get back on track, get noticed and get promoted faster. But it’s not just about getting a promotion. It’s about rediscovering your purpose, finding satisfaction in your work, enjoying a more balanced life, and leaving your unique mark on the world.

Define Your Career Purpose, Vision & Strategy

Lacking purpose and vision? Not sure of your next career move? Or unsure if you're even on the right path?

Bring passion, focus and confidence back to your work by defining your career plan, clarifying your purpose, and determining your unique value proposition.

Become Trusted, Respected and In-Demand

Are you constantly fighting soul-destroying internal battles with your peers, team or stakeholders?

Say goodbye to politics and g’day to influence with a game-changing strategy that will position you as a respected, sought-after authority in the business.

Get Results and
Get Noticed

Missing out on the big projects or roles at work? Or feel like you must keep performing just to stay where you are?

Demonstrate to the most important people in the business how truly valuable you are, keeping you top of mind for future opportunities and promotions.

course modules

enjoy a more rewarding career

5 hours | self paced learning

This course is for anyone whose career growth has stalled, is feeling lost, doesn’t feel they’re being paid enough, or isn’t sure what move to make next. But… it’s only for those ready to reflect on their own performance, be accountable and take control.

Module 1

Define Your Vision

Build your Life Scoreboard, define your life and career vision, and create your execution plan for success.

Module 2

dial up ownership

Incorporate purpose into your work and dive deep into the principles that drive a successful career.

Module 3

assess the competition

Review your career trajectory, assess competitors, and create a plan to unite with your peers for joint success.

Module 4

accelerate impact

Dial up your impact by getting to know your true customer and by becoming insanely valuable to your boss.

Module 5

boost demand

Get crystal clear on your UVP, update your resume and LinkedIn profile, and create a network of ambassadors.

I finished the Game Plan course after being partially stood down at work during Covid-19. I saw this as an opportunity to reset and refocus. Greg’s course helped me define my value, better connect with my passion and supercharge my goals. Since finishing the course, I’ve been making great connections with influential people and have felt more confident than ever about who I am and what I stand for. The next few years are going to be awesome!

Jacob Hammer, Monadelphus

Rather than promising quick and easy wins, Greg’s GREAT method is as honest as it is practical. Have a plan, build effective habits, build a network, enhance your value proposition and build a strong history of performance. The GREAT method has helped me personally to focus on personal development and it has also been valuable for those that I mentor.

Craig Murphy, Henley Properties

I can’t put a value on what the course has given me. As for my purpose. Just to be the best version of myself in every aspect of my life and continue to learn and appreciate every opportunity I get.

Vaughan Jones, Wilmar Sugar

At a time when l was re-assessing my career ambition and broader life goals, l found the Chief Maker Academy coursework an invaluable source of advice, motivation and guidance. In looking to build career resilience, l struggled to get clear on my vision and chart my pathways. The coursework enabled me to identify my strengths and develop my professional brand, and in turn, craft my valuable profile and target roles l previously had not considered.

Darren Lawson, Telstra

For the first time in my 25 year career I was unemployed, redundant from a large company after a lengthy tenure, lost and unsure of the correct steps to take to find my next dream role. Greg Layton and his GREAT method helped me immensely to improve and outline my track record, build my entourage, and set my game plan of securing my dream role which I have now done.

Andrew Beddie
your coach

greg layton

executive coach

Career Game Plan is facilitated by founder of Chief Maker, Greg Layton. Greg is also the founder of Council of Chiefs, host of The Inner Chief Podcast and author of Chief Maker – The 5 Step Blueprint to Get a Seat on the Executive Team.

Greg is an executive coach who has coached CEOs and Executives all around the world, helping them navigate through challenging turnarounds and major transformation.

Greg has lived and trained with the Shaolin Monks in China, tackled ultra marathons in the Gobi and Atacama Deserts, consulted as a high performance coach for elite tennis, rugby and golf, and has sat on the Board of a national charity.

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