Beat overload and restore balance in your career and life by embedding powerful habits that drive productivity and success.

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remove overwhelm. embed habits. stay focused.

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Over-busyness is an epidemic. People are overcommitted to the point where it’s impossible to win. Precious time is wasted in long-winded meetings. Redundant tasks are done by those who shouldn’t be doing them. And the result for everyone is frustration and stress.

In this self-paced online course, you will learn how to remove distraction, stay laser-focused on the top priorities, systemise excellence and nail those big targets.

Beat Overload
and Find Flow

Are you pounded by countless emails, back-to-back meetings, unrealistic KPIs and a massive workload?

Learn how to embed habits and routines which drive clarity, composure and balance while still growing a busy professional career.

Restore Balance
and Be Present

Do you feel like you should be spending more time at home, rather than work? Or are you thinking about work when you're at home?

Learn how to balance your commitments and install high performance habits and routines to maximise your output.

Stay Focused
and Embed Habits

Do you find it hard to create new habits, make them stick, and stay focused on the most important projects?

Learn the neuroscience of change and how to permanently recode your brain to install new habits… and stick to them.

course modules

establish discipline

5 hours | self paced learning

This course is for professionals and leaders who want more time back in their day. Those who want to remove the daily distractions and instead have clarity, confidence, discipline and ultimately, a more rewarding day at work every single day.

Module 1

automate excellence

Learn P2R2 – Prepare, Perform, Recover, Review – to systemise your personal growth and master your profession.

Module 2

beat overload

Learn how to find flow and reclaim your life by overcoming the greatest performance killer in modern business – OVERLOAD.

Module 3

stay focused

Learn the most powerful techniques for daily focus sessions and prioritisation so that you can make ninja-level moves every day.

Module 4

embed habits & routines

Understand the brain so that you can recode it, install high performance behaviours, and embed new habits.

Module 5

operating rhythm

Learn how to build your own operating rhythm to drive mastery and excellence in every part of your life.

The videos and course work made it that much more tangible, giving you a more supportive feel, when going through it on your own online. It’s simple and direct – just what I needed.

Claire Ellis, Entertainment One Group

I learnt simple and effective routines and habits that improve relationships at work, enhance team performance, meetings and how to best work with my own energy levels.

Tash Johnston,Australian Taxation Office

The time and clarity created through these processes helped me to guide and coach the team and to work more effectively at the right level, improving effectiveness and accountability in the leadership team.

Graham Crew, Golden Star Resources
your coach

greg layton

executive coach

High Performance Routines is facilitated by founder of Chief Maker, Greg Layton. Greg is also the founder of Council of Chiefs, host of The Inner Chief Podcast and author of Chief Maker – The 5 Step Blueprint to Get a Seat on the Executive Team.

Greg is an executive coach who has coached CEOs and Executives all around the world, helping them navigate through challenging turnarounds and major transformation.

Greg has lived and trained with the Shaolin Monks in China, tackled ultra marathons in the Gobi and Atacama Deserts, consulted as a high performance coach for elite tennis, rugby and golf, and has sat on the Board of a national charity.

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