1:1 executive coaching

Just like elite athletes, the need for a professional coach can be the difference between winning and losing in business. Chief Maker’s one-on-one executive coaching provides a safe and confidential coaching experience that guarantees to improve the performance of your senior executives.

why use an executive coach?

A coach is a facilitator of growth. Someone who helps you really see the truth of a situation and your current performance, then helps you develop a congruent and courageous pathway to your ideal outcome.

Greg Layton is an experienced executive coach who has worked with hundreds of Senior Executives and CEOs in various industries in Australia and across the globe. By combining his years of coaching experience with his own personal experiences, he helps CEOs and Executives find the clarity and perspective they need to be the chief of their career and life.

navigate complex challenges

Find the space and safety you need to navigate challenges with control and clarity.

transform your business

Learn to identify innovative opportunities and make bold moves with confidence.

rediscover your purpose

Reconnect with your personal values and begin the journey of leaving a lasting legacy.


executive coaching

  • Monthly 1:1 coaching sessions, live or virtual
  • Customised program of development
  • Continual tracking of results
  • Access to all online learning resources & templates
  • Individual and Team Scorecards
  • 360 degree surveys
  • On call support

Greg’s knowledge, experience and wisdom across a range of business practices is extremely powerful. He has an array of exercises and activities to extract your purpose, give you clarity of vision and narrow the focus on your goal.

Keith Wootton, AV1

A role like mine is, many times, exhausting, conflicting, confusing and huge. Greg helps me cut through the maze, to see more clearly what is important and where my focus must lay. I cannot speak too highly of his capacity to cut through the forest of issues and find the tree of hope.

Hetty Johnston, Bravehearts

Greg is a very special man. The wisdom, knowledge and value I receive as a result of my time with him astounds me. I recommend Greg, unreservedly, to anybody seeking to improve who they are and the results that they produce.

Matthew Brandt, SILK Ventures

It is sometimes lonely as a Chief. Greg provides that sounding board and tool kit when you need a fresh set of eyes and different perspective, or simply just some reassurance on your thoughts and action plans.

Brendan Hawes, Venlo

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