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Great chiefs never guess what their next career move should be. And neither should you. The Chief Maker Book reveals strategies for building confidence, influencing difficult people, staying focused on the most important initiatives and inspiring your team. It’s a career path blueprint – how to get to the top while still enjoying life.

5 step blueprint to rising above the pack and getting a seat on the executive team

knowing what career move to make next

Has your career or personal growth stalled? Are you feeling overwhelmed, constantly fighting internal politics while just trying to get stuff done?

This book uncovers the steps required for building a successful career. But it’s not about quick wins and shortcuts. In fact, it’s almost the opposite.

The Chief Maker book outlines a framework for building a high impact career that doesn’t sacrifice family and life.

It’s about becoming your greatest self. You’ll learn how to succeed and make an impact, and you’ll do it in a way that is respectful, purposeful and brings your greatest qualities to the table.

the great method for career success

The Chief Maker 5 Step GREAT Method outlined in this book is a career path roadmap for any senior manager who wants to rise above the politics and bureaucracy and master their profession.

But it’s not just about getting a promotion. And it’s not just about becoming a CEO.

Through the Chief Maker five steps – Game Plan, Routines, Entourage, Assets and Track Record, you’ll take control of your career and life. You’ll enjoy a more rewarding career and you’ll spend more time with your family and friends.

you'll learn to be your greatest self.

a true chief.

what our readers are saying

Greg Layton has written a ‘how to guide' that will make you understand the journey from where you are to the next level in your career. This book is written for the Execs (GM's, Directors and VP's) of the world who are in transition to the C-Level. The ones who are stuck, caught and overloaded in the day-to-day cloud of business – the fog that often obscures what is really important. The book helps you to develop clarity, purpose, confidence and impact to accelerate your transition to C-Level.

I've seen Greg take many leaders through the process described in his book – and the outcome has consistently been success. Buy it. Read it. Implement what Greg recommends.

I was recommended this book by a work colleague. It's a really clear, easy to read and understand methodology that I'm already thinking about how I can implement it in my day-to-day work life.

So much has been written on leadership that is targeted directly at the CEO level – the missing link is about leadership at the middle management level – the place where much of the work gets done. Middle managers face an increasingly complex landscape which can bring enormous pressure. This book serves to bring some clarity. It allows you to stand back from the frontline, take a deep breath and assess your position and determine a deliberate and planned way forward, in building a career that is meaningful.

A great foray into the world of leadership development by super executive coach Greg Layton.So many great take-aways for aspiring executive leaders to reach their goals and that coveted seat in the C-suite!

Greg Layton’s book breaks down the progress to a chief position into five steps: developing a game plan, automating excellence by developing routines, creating a trusted network to support you and your aspirations, continually developing yourself so you have more to offer and developing an ass-kicking reputation (my words, not Greg’s). Read this book if you want to pursue excellence in your own field.

In this well written, clear & succinct book, Greg Layton outlines how you can secure and succeed in an Executive role, while staying true to yourself. This is not a simplistic recipe book. Chief Maker is an honest, wise & practical guide to taking charge of your life and career, so you can maintain perspective, have a realistic plan and the discipline to succeed & thrive as an Executive & human being.

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