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Learn more Chief Maker wisdom from founder, Greg Layton, via podcasts, articles and other media sources listed below.

building doors podcast

Greg Layton joins Lauren Karan to share his beliefs on personal development, knowing your shadow self, and building opportunities as a CEO.

the salience podcast

Greg Layton joins Ian Snape to discuss the challenging role of Senior Managers and General Managers, how to overcome the pressures of work and break into the C-suite.

digital transformation & leadership

Greg Layton joins Danny Levy to chat about epic adventures including living with the Shaolin KungFu Monks and running ultramarathons, and what he learnt about business along the way.


Greg Layton joins Bram Connolly and Trent Burnard to discuss why coaches need coaches, building resilience and five pillars of positive leadership.

life of mine

Greg Layton speaks to the mining industry about progressing your career, getting a promotion and whether sink or swim is the way to go or not.

the experts blueprint

Greg Layton chats with Tim Beanland about the foundations of executive performance and accelerating the performance of middle managers.

win the day

Greg Layton joins James Whittaker to outline the key steps required in getting a promotion and 9 important lessons regarding career, family and business.

the entrepreneurs locker room

Greg Layton joins Steve Brossman to discuss his personal life experiences and how they shaped the way he coaches executives in pursuing excellence.

real estate uncut

Greg Layton joins Real Estate Uncut for five short episodes outlining the Chief Maker GREAT method for success and the 4 Levers of Business Transformation.

build a bigger life

Greg Layton joins Adam Carroll for a detailed discussion into the struggle that many senior managers face when transitioning from operational roles to executive level.

get invested

Greg Layton joins Bushy Martin for an entertaining chat about emulating the psychology of elite performers to accelerate your career and succeed in the life you want.

the dream. think. do.

Greg Layton joins host Mitch Matthews for a deep dive into mastering routine for more productivity and inner peace.

read to lead

Greg Layton joins Jeff Brown on the Read to Lead Podcast with a deep dive into his book, Chief Maker - The 5 Step Blueprint to Getting a Seat on the Executive Team.

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