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In this episode we build your own Life Scoreboard.

Like most successful professionals, you probably started your career with some idea about what you wanted to do and who you wanted to become. Then, as time progressed, you got caught up in the corporate life. Before you knew it, you were running from one meeting to the next, and what you expected of yourself started to come second to what others expected of you. Add to the equation the responsibilities that come with a family and a mortgage and it’s easy to see why so many of us fall into this trap. We look forward to time away from work, but the four weeks of leave most of us take a year don’t ever seem enough.

It just doesn’t feel like living.

Years fly by, seemingly at the speed of light, and no matter how hard you try you can’t seem to slow it down. You may even have started to feel a little lost, disconnected from our soul and as the years have progressed you don’t feel as comfortable in your own skin as you'd like to be. You’re not coming from a place of centred personal strength.

One of the many great lessons I’ve learnt from elite sport is their infatuation with analysis and how they present data as useful information to athletes and coaches. One particular scoreboard resonated with me. This was the elite athlete scoreboard at the QLD Reds for their academy players. Every player had a set of measures they needed to reach in every part of their game. It was the technical, tactical, mental, physical, social elements of their development. They had benchmarks they had to achieve every year and this was updated regularly in red, amber, green. This helped  them identify when players were out of balance and to see how this was affecting other parts of their game. They wanted well-rounded and growing young women and men in their programs.

This gave them a baseline for taking intentional action to stay in balance. As Michael E Gerber said:

“The difference between great people and everyone else is that great people create their lives actively, while everyone else is created by their lives, passively waiting to see where life takes them next. The difference between the two is the difference between living fully and just existing.” 


The Life Scoreboard is a pictorial representation of how you're performing in all the most important elements of your life. Things like your relationship with your partner and kids, wider family, best friends, career and legacy, finances, health, mastery, travel, spirit and dreams.

I use my scoreboard religiously. It gives me immediate insight into how I can improve an element or two to improve my overall life. And whenever I’m feeling down or out of whack I return to this. It normally takes about 5 mins and I’m back on track with some actions to take.

We’ve all met the guy or gal that is all about their fitness. They spend all their time thinking that the fitter they get the happier they’ll be while so many other elements are suffering. The same of the social butterfly who has a fear of missing out syndrome out of control but as a result never re-centres or loses their fitness.

In the end, your Life Scoreboard is about YOUR journey and what is RIGHT FOR YOU. No one else’s scoreboard is yours. We are all so beautifully unique. So treat it as a process of reconnection to WHO YOU TRULY ARE.


There are four simple steps to building your own Life Scoreboard:

  1. Define each of categories – The elements of your scoreboard are totally up to you. I've outlined some potential categories above but you must include what is most important to you
  2. Score yourself out of 10 – On each element give yourself a gut-feel score out of 10
  3. Pick low hanging fruit – On any item that you scored lower than 7 define anything you can do in the next 48 hours to boost that score
  4. Kill two birds with one stone – Identify ways you can boost scores by combining pursuits and any other longer activities to get your score higher


Remember, this is about YOU. Think deeply as to why you’re giving certain scores. What is the root cause? How can you bring your greatest self to the table?

The Life Scoreboard is a vital tool in becoming the CHIEF of your Career and Life. Use it wisely, use it often and I guarantee you’ll find yourself coming from a place of personal strength. Then and only then are you a true CHIEF.

Stay epic