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In this episode, you'll hear from Mike Pratt.

Mike is the NSW Customer Service Commissioner leading major service reform across the NSW Government. He is also Deputy Chancellor of Western Sydney University (WSU), Non-Executive Director of Credit Union Australia, Non-Executive Director of TAL and Deputy Chair of iCare. He is also the Former Chairman of Bennelong Funds Management (recently retired there after 5 years), former President of the Australian Institute of Banking & Finance and inaugural joint President of Finsia. His previous roles include CEO of NAB Australia, CEO of Consumer and SME Banking, North East Asia, with Standard Chartered Bank. He was also Group Executive of Westpac Business & Consumer Banking, CEO of Bank of New Zealand and CEO of Bank of Melbourne.

Previous directorships include Non-Executive Director of MasterCard International Inc, New York, Non-Executive Director of MasterCard, Asia Pacific, Non-Executive Director of BT Financial Services, Chairman of Shenzen Credit.

Key Points:

Mike outlines how important it is to be well prepared, disciplined, maintain transparency and integrity in all you do. And to never forget –   “it's all about relationships, what matters more than anything is relationships“.

Mike covers 10 key topics throughout the podcast:

  1. Constantly review your aspirations.
  2. Lifelong learning is a critical discipline.
  3. You have to spend a significant period in your life learning about all you.
  4. Avoid politics at your peril. Whenever there is an issue, get to the source so you can deal with it via a direct discussion to resolve it.
  5. Eventually, people that cannot be trusted expose themselves.
  6. If you starting to have concerns about your approach or results then flag it with the right people quickly. Get input, get specialist advice from people that can help you. You'll find people generally want to help you and there is normally an answer there.
  7. If you have a different view in fundamentals around core values with your boss, there are only two options. One, you put up with it and compromise your values. Two, you take a stand and say you're not going to compromise.
  8. Moments of truth when you don't sacrifice your values and overtly do the opposite are where you really stand out as a leader.
  9. When you're on a leadership journey and getting some runs on the board, it's important to look back and recognise from whence you've come. Just to make sure recognise how far you've come already and to celebrate success. (From Nelson Mandela)
  10. Have a network of people right through the organisation

Mike also has some great tips on getting great mentors and what you need to be on top of in the future of business.

Nominated Charity:

I have made a $250 donation in Mike's name to Plan International.

Recommended Books:

  • Leading Change, John Kotter
  • The Long Walk to Freedom, Nelson Mandela
  • The Service Profit Chain, Heskett and Sasser

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