Are you overloaded with a never-ending 
list of priorities while other, 
less qualified leaders 
get the best opportunities?
To rise to the top and attract the most interesting career opportunites, you have to demonstrate your ability to stay focused and execute the highest priority projects that will transform the business.

This starts with finding more time in your day so you can think strategically and lead with composure and clarity.

It also means finding balance in your life so that instead of burning-out, you feel energised, have time to learn, keep fit and spend more time at home with your family.

In this 7 part course you'll learn:
  •  How to use mind maps to thrive in a complex, fast moving environments
  •  How to implement a daily focus session to stay laser focused and highly productive everyday
  •  How to make your meetings 10x more effective by using the principles of great chiefs
  •  How to shorten meetings and stop people filling your calendar
  •  How to break the back of email overload and more...
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