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In our first four minisodes on leading high performance teams we built your vision, purpose, strategy and values. The final element in building the first major pillar of High Performance Teams is Goals. These are the goals or metrics that will inform you on your progress and success.

Your team's goals must be:

  • Clearly defined and linked to other goals with a measure, target performance on a particular date
  • Must be aspirational targets with timeframes that result in a paradigm shift or significant change in performance
  • Relevant for those who will be working towards it…so people have a line of site from their work to the end target
  • Be ecologically sound. By that we mean that you need to ensure that one goal isn’t likely to be sacrificed in the pursuit of another. This might happen when you do something like we want to increase quality but also reduce cost and then two teams end up at cross-purposes. This can also happen for individuals in situations where systems in the backend for remuneration and reward sacrifice cultural standards. E.g. you might talk all about measuring values but if bonuses or annual reviews don’t include a % around how they live the values then people won’t follow it.
  • Goals must be multi-dimensional and include the elements that are appropriate for your areas. E.g. Commercial, Operational, Business Improvement Projects Success, Customer Satisfaction, Marketing / Sales, Values & Culture

Goals are the vital final element to your mission. It is time now to do something epic. Lead a turnaround boldly like a great chief and create an atmosphere people want to be apart of. This is what people really crave…to be be apart of something new and game changing.

Stay epic

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